I develop products to help humans,
so that they can spend time on things that truly matter.

I am a full-stack web developer proficient in JavaScript, React, NodeJS, SQL, AngularJS, Angular, HTML and CSS.
As a former teacher at a low-income school, I witnessed the impact of current technology on adults' and children's lives. My mission is to use technology to improve the quality of life of our generation and beyond.



  • Design and engineer a web app to help teachers extend students' education to outside the classroom
  • Develop a platform for teachers and parents to establish a feedback loop through quality questions
  • Build with React, Redux, NodeJS, HTML & CSS
  • (Personal Project)

Future Hope School

  • Worked on the front end of the mentoring training portal for Future Hope School, a non-profit organization that supports students in Nigeria and Ghana
  • Collaborated with a team of seven developers and stakeholder
  • Built with React, HTML & CSS
  • (Team Project at Lambda School)


  • Wrote the database for Cardea, a immunization record tracker
  • Implemented CRUD operations with JWT Authentication and middleware
  • Built with NodeJS & PostgreSQL
  • (Team Project at Lambda School)

Foodie Fun

  • Coded the registration and login forms for Foodie Fun users
  • Enhanced users' experience by implementing designer's blueprint
  • Built with React, HTML & CSS
  • (Team Project at Lambda School)

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